Welcome HOME Eva Prettyman!

HOME Real Estate is excited to announce that real estate agent Eva Prettyman has joined our Lincoln, NE Midtown office.  With a passion for real estate at a young age, Eva also boasts unique experience:

I’ve been obsessed with homes since childhood. Have you ever known someone who at the age of 9, asked for wallpaper and paint for her birthday so she could redecorate her room? Someone who would forgo teen magazines to read architectural digest and Elle decor? Now you do! 

Eva Prettyman, HOME Real Estate


Since then I have moved many times and I have very carefully chosen each home I’ve lived in as not just a reflection of my financial situation, but as a reflection of my identity, making sure that each home had special features or would offer benefits to enrich my daily life.


Early on I invested in both commercial and residential properties and was able to reap far above average returns on my initial investments, while enriching the neighborhoods I’ve chosen to be a part of. 


In my twenties, I moved to Milan Italy, to get a Masters in Design. I stayed in Europe for the next twelve years where I started a property management company, worked in design, real estate and finance. My clients, in some of the most beautiful locations world-wide, have entrusted me with their luxury properties worth millions of dollars. These properties, I marketed and managed for them making sure their investments were lucrative year round. 


I’ve returned to my home town of Lincoln, Nebraska to be closer to family and to start on my own. I love traveling, singing jazz and weight lifting.


Let me turn my passion for real estate into an advantage for you – ensuring the biggest financial decisions you may ever make are the right ones for you now, and in the future.

You can reach Eva at eva.prettyman@homerealestate.com or 402-440-4805.

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