Waterford Estates – Lincoln’s Newest Waterfront Development

waterford-logo-sm1    The developers who created Wilderness Ridge are ready to debut their latest development, Waterford Estates. Located between Holdrege and O Streets at 98th Street, Waterford Estates will become one of Lincoln’s premier housing developments.
    Over the past three years, Ridge Development and Southview Inc. have been developing this 550 acre, high-end, multi-use development. When complete, Waterford Estates will include approximately 100 acres of upper-end retail, commercial space, single family homes and townhomes. Lincoln Public Schools is planning an elementary school for the area. One of the goals for this project was to create a self-contained neighborhood.

    The name Waterford Estates fits this development. The main feature will be an 80-acre, boulder-lined lake. In addition, several other water features will be included in the area. As part of the development, N. 98th Street will become a boulevard- style street between Holdrege and O Streets. The median will be fully landscaped and divide the traffic.
    Waterford is one of 11 lakes built as part the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District’s Stevens Creek Flood Control Project. The involvement of the NRD makes this a unique mix of public and private funding for Lincoln developments. LPSNRD will maintain the dam and have an easement to access the lake as necessary. The flexibility and vision of the NRD allowed for this urban setting around the lake.
    More than two million yards of soil were moved to create the lake and surrounding area. The lake should be filled in September, thanks to the summer rainfall and three irrigation motors pumping groundwater into the lake. These irrigation wells will also ensure the lake level remains constant.
    If you’ve ever driven through Wilderness Ridge and been awestruck by the number of boulders decorating the landscape, wait until the landscaping is finished at Waterford Estates. Even more granite boulders, formed by the glaciers of the last ice age, from northern Minnesota farm fields will create the backdrop for the landscaping. More than 400 train cars have already been used and more are on the way.
    Many of the boulders line the bottom and shores of the lake. This creates a more stable, natural look and long lasting shoreline that requires less maintenance.
    In prior developments, Ridge Development has exceeded the City of Lincoln’s requirements for tree plantings, and Waterford Estates will continue that standard. Although the final landscaping plan is still being developed, numerous mature trees and plantings are planned for the area. “The goal is to make the area look like it’s well established and has not just been developed,” said John Brager of Wilderness Development.

    Waterford Estates is the first development for Ridge Development since Wilderness Ridge. “They are some of the first developers to focus on northeast Lincoln in several years,” said Pat Mooberry, new construction manger for HOME Real Estate. Wilderness Development also developed Regent Heights and Northern Lights.
   The location of Waterford Estates on “Lincoln’s Miracle Mile – 84th Street” give it great access to amenities like HillCrest Golf Course, Westfield Shopping Town, Interstate 80 and all the new development in the corridor. “We were excited to create this high-end-to-moderate neighborhood in northeast Lincoln,” said Brager.
    Being a lakefront development, Waterford will provide many unique lots, housing styles, and recreational activities to its residents. There will be the prime lots located on the lakefront; however, there are some great opportunities for building off the lake. The area does have heavily guarded covenants regulating the elements of single family houses and landscaping.
    The most talked about feature in this development is the LAKE! Residents will have access to the lake via a planned marina. Individual lots will not be able to have boat docks. To keep this a quiet, pristine area, only electric motor boats, paddle boats, sail boats and canoes  will be allowed for safety reasons. Ridge Development envisions the water quality to be comparable to any other lakes in the City of Lincoln.
    The developers are looking for someone to manage the marina and create a bar/restaurant facility. The marina would rent high-end, electric motor boats. Located on the south side of the lake, a restaurant would offer spectacular views. In addition, the facility could be built with a deck reaching out over the water.


  1. If someone could send me a list of lots and prices I would appreciate it… and the layout of the lots with lot dimensions.

    Who is responsible for maintaining the lake?
    What will the association fees be?
    Is the area open to all builders?
    How many total lots will ther be?
    What is the guidelines for area between homes per lot?
    How many lots have been sold?
    Copy of covenants?
    Is it in a SID?
    What is the tax levi?



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