Using green in your home decor

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Pantone may have already declared the 2016 colors of the year as Rose Quartz and Serenity, but spring is just on the edge of our calendars, and we can’t get enough of green. Bring some of that vibrant spring color indoors with these nothing but green decorating tips.


No green thumb? No problem. Succulents are the saving grace for plant killers everywhere. Low maintenance, gorgeous, and just a little bit quirky, these plants brighten up any space and are the perfect decorating tool. Hang them on the wall in those wine corks you’ve been saving, line shelves or window sills with them, the best part is you can plant them in just about anything! Let your creativity (and a nearby thrift store) be your guide.

Seed Starters:

If you’re loving the plant theme, consider starting your spring garden early and using it as a fun focal point in your seasonal decorating. Instead of hiding your seed starter behind closed doors, display your growing garden in egg shells, in a kitchen window perhaps, and of course, the greener the better.


If covering the walls of your home with a little green has you terrified, think again. It’s not as bold as you might think, and with the right hue, it can be very soothing and inviting. Country Living offers 44 eye pleasing examples of using green for the win.

The Accent:

Better Homes and Gardens reminds us of the power of an accent wall. If painting an entire room is too daunting for your schedule and budget, simply go with green for an accent. Pick a wall, or a portion of a room like this gorgeous example, and let a little bit of green carry you away with half the effort.

The Shade:

When picking your green palette, keep your options open. There’s a plethora to choose from. Elle Décor sums it up best:

“Make it minty, or go with a deep, dark, brooding forest-green—either way, you’ll end up with a refreshing statement that reflects one of the natural world’s most abundant colors. It’s green design in the most literal sense.”

Sabina Vavra, an A&E series designer, helps calm your fears about which greens to steer clear from:

“The trick is not avoiding shades of green, but knowing how to use them properly and what to mix them with.”

And if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, test out your shade in small doses of decorating pieces strategically placed around your house. has some simple ideas to get your green gears turning.
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