Tips for a fun Thanksgiving kids’ table

Tips for a fun Thanksgiving Kids' Table

It’s a long-standing Thanksgiving tradition—the kids’ table. It’s a place for cousins to sit and giggle while the rest of the family enjoys an adult-only Thanksgiving feast. Graduating from the kids’ table to join all those adults is rite of passage, but if you implement some of these ideas into your kids’ table this year, sitting there might just become a little more desirable.

Kid-Friendly Tablecloth

Remember when Lincoln still had a Macaroni Grill and the best part (other than the food) was coloring on the tablecloth? Bring that fun to your Thanksgiving kids’ table by simply using a large sheet of paper. Provide plenty of crayons and encourage your guests, both big and small, to cover the table in hand print turkeys.

Corn husk Dolls

Martha Stewart offers up this delightful idea to keep kids occupied. These simple corn husk dolls not only make a great rustic decoration, but the little ones will love playing with them once dessert is over.

corn husk dolls

Pilgrim Centerpiece

We also couldn’t pass up Martha’s too-cute-for-words pilgrim centerpiece. It’s historic, fun to look at it, and there are even free printable templates to get you started. What more could you ask for? Use this centerpiece as a conversation starter, and you can even get the kids (and adults) to join a friendly game of Thanksgiving trivia.

pilgrim centerpiece

Coloring Book

Keeping with the crayon and FREE printable theme, you can download and print these adorable and fun coloring books with activities to delight kids of all ages. Color turkeys or dive into a word search, this book has an activity for everyone.

Thanksgiving color pages

A Mouthwatering Centerpiece

You need exactly zero cooking skills (and minimal crafting skills) to pull off this kids’ table centerpiece. Not only does it look absolutely perfect as the kids’ table focal point, it’s filled with a delicious surprise treat. Get all the details here.

paper bag turkey centerpiece

Satisfy that Sweet Tooth

Lastly, we can’t leave out dessert. With these fresh fruit cornucopias, you can win the nutrition and the cuteness awards, hands down. Our only recommendation is to make a few extra, because we can’t guarantee adults won’t be drooling over these as well. Of course, after this healthy treat, you can end the meal with pie all around.

Fresh Fruit Cornucopias


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