Three resolutions to sell your home in 2016

2016 houseA potential-rich new year lies ahead and while you declare your resolutions for the next 12 months, consider adding a home sale to the list. Intentions manifest when you not only declare them, but when you put forth the extra effort to accomplish them. There is nothing like selling a property to position you well to purchase a new one, and a new home purchase can make for a fresh start early in the new year.

So take the time to consider these top 3 resolutions to sit at the closing table before the first day of spring in 2016 and to increase your options for spring or summer new home shopping:

Resolution #1: I will prepare my home for a ready-to-sell listing.

Planning ahead for necessary repairs prior to listing can help you to achieve a shorter number of listing days to the offer negotiations, especially if you know this is the year you will sell your home. Once you determine the month you plan to list your home for sale, then utilize this target date to schedule out a pre-listing action plan for needed repairs or improvements. A project plan can help you stay on schedule to meet that ideal listing date.

Resolution #2: I will locate the right buyer.

While statistics may show that home sales are slower over the winter season, your Realtor can verify that those looking are usually serious and pre-qualified buyers. Take advantage of this fact early in the new year and work with your Realtor on precise marketing to reach the ideal buyer. Targeting the right buyer who desires a home in your neighborhood means a shorter listing-to-offer timeframe.

Resolution #3: I will get an offer in my ideal price range.

If this is the year that you want to sell your home, it does not mean you have to accept a low offer to make it happen. There are many factors that go into the ideal listing price, so collaborate with your Realtor to help you consider the nuances involved in the science of pricing. The time invested in effective pricing strategies can lead to a quicker offer in your acceptable range.

Like the typical new year resolutions to reduce morning caffeine or to get in more miles on the treadmill, these declarations are only accomplished when commitment meets effort. So commit to your home-selling resolutions and take the first step to seeing them manifest in a 2016 home sale.

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