Things To Do at Pioneers Park

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FB_IMG_1470415090797Not Lincoln’s most little known park, but definitely it’s most versatile. Boasting “668 acres of tallgrass prairie, woodlands, wetlands and a stream.” With these acres of protected grassland, there is no shortage of adventures, play areas, hiking trails, and beautiful animals to take in. One could easily spend an entire day (or weekend) and this historical Lincoln landmark, but let’s break down some of its most fascinating features.

The Nature Center Trails:

Since 1963 the Pioneers Park Nature center has been acquiring more acres to add to its luscious landscapes and diverse walking trails. Educational buildings and tour guides along the way make sure your hike is not only enjoyable, but relaxing. Take a walk over the stream on the nature trail’s bridge while you observe native birds, frogs, and grasses representative of our very own Nebraska prairies. Caged and a rehabilitated turkeys, owls, and hawks also are a fascinating site for kids and adults alike.

Buffalo Wildlife:

You can’t feed or pet these native beasts, but observing them in their natural habitat is a beautiful blast into Nebraska’s natural past. As they roam in cages with elk on either side, taking in these giant creatures could easily fill up an entire afternoon. However, if animal feeding is your passion, take a gander over to the waterfowl feeding area. Geese and the occasional snapping turtle are happy to take some old bread off your hands.

Pinewood Bowl:

Are you a fan of the arts? Music? Comedy? Pinewood Bowl located in the heart of Pioneers Park offers an eclectic array of outdoor shows throughout the summer in their amphitheater. Bring a blanket, snack, and plenty of friends, and get ready for an unforgettable time.

Play Equipment:

No park is complete without a play area, and this one does not disappoint. Plus, it’s within walking distance of the iconic Native American Statue. Stretch your legs for a quick jaunt up the hill to see this beautiful statue up close.

Rental Areas for Parties:

With all of these features to offer, Pioneers Park is a great place to host a birthday party or family reunion. Call ahead to reserve a picnic area and enjoy all the amenities that the park has to offer. You can also plan a party at the Nature Center, complete with a guided tour.

Day Camps:

Pioneers Park also offers preschool and summer day camps, the perfect opportunity for little ones to immerse themselves in nature with a hands on experience. The preschool program describes its curriculum as “a place where it’s ok to get a little dirty.” And why not? Nature camps began in March and continue with a variety of classes through summer.


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