The value of staging and pre-inspection

I have staged and pre-inspected several homes before putting them on the market.  One home sold in less than a month for full price after being staged.  When my client purchased the same house more than two years ago, it was on the market for over 100 days and was not staged or pre-inspected.  It does make a difference.  Since we had it pre-inspected it was a worry-free home for the buyer with no cost  to the buyer for a whole house inspection and no surprises for the seller.

When I sold her house two years ago, we staged it and it sold on the first day for full price.  Yes, it does make a difference. 

Another listing I had was staged and pre-inspected .  I had the help of a stager, the owners and myself.  We had a blast.  It took only a couple of hours and, WOW!  What a difference.  This house sold in only 6 days and within $1,000 of the asking price.

Sellers need to allow their Realtor to take their personality out of the house and make it something that appeals to the masses.  I have a person who helps me pick the paint colors, arrange the furniture and place accents to show off the house. I pay for the stager myself.  We can take just a couple of hours, or we have been known to take the whole day.   I believe it sets me apart from the other Realtors, and most importantly it is a big benefit to my clients.

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