Sustainability | Cutting Back Your Water Use

Kitchen Faucet Running WaterAs Lincoln has gone into mandatory water restrictions starting Sunday (March 17th), we are asked to cut our residential water usage by 50% to help relieve the strain on our water supply that is under siege by the flood waters. At this time it is important to note that the drinking water is safe for use.

Part of the Level 2 Water Use Restriction rules that outdoor water use is prohibited. (As per the City of Lincoln website.) The city has also released a list of 50 Ways to Conserve 50% of Your Water Usage that highlights ways to save water in the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, and generally indoors and outdoors. Read the list here.

Monday saw local stores have bottled water fly off the shelf with the water restrictions. Superintendent of Lincoln Public Schools, Steve Joel,  urged that the flooding victims and communities be given priority for the bottled water over those who are just on a water restriction. (You can hear his statement and what LPS is doing to cut back water usage here.)

Looking for fluid alternatives to bottled water? Amber Pankonin RD shared via Twitter that those alternatives could be fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt, sparkling water, bottled juice, bottled tea, soup, popsicles, and ice cream.

Remember that though we are encouraged currently to use disposable items to save water on washing reusable items, please consider the city’s landfills and the environment with the products you use.

Through all this tragedy, remember to stay #NebraskaStrong and water restrictions pale in comparison to the devastation that was brought upon our family, friends and neighbors in other communities.

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