St. Patrick’s Day Already? How to Pull Together a Pinch-Free Celebration

Pair of girls celebrating St. Patrick's Day

For all this talk about the “luck of the Irish,” you may not be feeling very lucky when you realize yet another St. Patrick’s Day has crept back on us. (Let’s blame the fact that it still feels like winter for failing to notice it’s actually mid-March.)

Before you totally bunk off on celebrations, here are a few quick, easy and painless ways to get everyone in the family feeling a wee bit Irish—at least for one day.


Scour the closet for green:

This is where the “painless” part comes into play. If you fail to wear green and spend the whole day getting pinched, it may be hard to muster up enough enthusiasm for that pint o’ Guinness in the evening. Never fear! Chances are good there is some green hiding out in your closet. As long as you can go pinch-free for the day, fashion can wait.


Stage a leprechaun invasion:

From Santa Claus to the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, most special visitors actually make for pretty good houseguests. But not so with leprechauns! Give your kids a fun surprise in the morning by staging a nighttime leprechaun visit with spilled flour on the kitchen counter, overturned chairs and milk dyed green. If you’re really ambitious, you can even get them involved the night before with a leprechaun trap. (Your visitor must have used some magic to escape!)


Find that pot o’ gold in cookie form:

Even if there is no rainbow in sight, you can still create your very own, very tasty pots o’ gold with a few simple ingredients from the store: vanilla Oreos, dipping chocolate, a tube of frosting and rainbow strip candy. Then set up shop by dipping half of each Oreo into the chocolate, letting it cool and then adorning it with the rainbow candy fastened by frosting. Ta-da!


Warm up with some easy Irish fare:

When it comes to making food to mark St. Patrick’s Day, you actually don’t need much luck of the Irish. One of the classics, soda bread, it nearly foolproof to make—especially if you opt for an easy muffin recipe. Round it out with some Guinness-boosted stew for a meal hearty enough for any crew.

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