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Who wouldn’t want to sleep in peace at night? After all, your home is your fortress and should give you that feeling of safety and security. If someone were to break in, it would be a scare! Taking protective measures to make your home secure is important. Your home’s first line of defense is the door, and without good locks, that defense mechanism will not be effective. Don’t let that happen! Arranging for new locks to be installed in your new or existing home can be a simple but very important step to securing your belongings and keeping your family safe.

When shopping around for a reputable locksmith, be very selective! Newer technologies bring a number of different options to the table and there is something different for everyone and every budget. It’s important to know what your needs are and hire someone who can cater to those needs at your desired price range. Capital City Lock & Key offers well trained and fully certified locksmith technicians with over 35 years’ experience. They are available on a 24 hour basis and guarantee that their work is top notch and their quality is unmatched. If you are in the market for honesty, professionalism, experience and someone you can trust, look no further than Capital City Lock.

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• Emergency lockout assistance

• High security residential locks

• Decorative locks

• Master key repair

• Damaged key repair

• Gun cabinet locks

• Gate locks for front, back ,side and pool

• Window and mailbox locks

• New move in re-key

• Broken key removal

• Padlock, Deadbolts and peepholes installed

• House keys duplicated

• Repair burglary damage

• Changing combination locks

• Garage door locks

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