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5 Ideas To Spruce Up Your Space

It doesn’t take a devoted gardener to know that planting season is upon us. Simply drive past a local nursery or grocery store and you are sure to notice the sweet smell of flowers wafting your way. With options for improving your home’s curb appeal practically available everywhere you look, the bigger challenge is deciding where to start.

Enter: A budget-friendly porch makeover.

Decorated Front Porch

By paying attention to your visitor’s first impression of your home, you can feel a boost of confidence every time you pull into the driveway—and you can likely get a jumpstart on the makeover with help from items already in your home.

Here are a few ways to pamper your porch:

1. Add some greenery: With summer just beginning, there is no wrong way to add some life to your front porch in the form of some potted flowers, small shrubs or hanging baskets. But, if you’re budget-minded and thinking long-term, opt for flowers that will bloom annually or evergreen shrubs to maintain a pop of color during the colder months.

2. Think seasonal props: One of the easiest ways to keep your front porch looking fresh? Swap out a holiday-themed flag or sign to hang behind the storm door. Besides props to keep in the monthly rotation, you can also think on a seasonal level with some colorful pots for summer plants, followed by autumnal colors this fall and then holiday decorations come the return of that season we’d rather not mention.

3. A place to sit: Expansive front porches may not be quite the norm here like they are in the south, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some front porch sittin’ during warmer months. Offset the flowers and decorations on one side of your porch with a comfortable place to kick up your feet and sip on some sweet tea—or morning coffee. Not only is a practical element, but a stylish chair adds a nice dimension to your front porch aesthetic.

4. Give your donate pile another look: Before going forward with that garage sale, think about repurposing some yard items as props on your front porch. That’s right: A neglected birdhouse, tin watering can and even an old basket can find new homes on your patio.

5. Repaint the porch: If you’re feeling up for a DIY challenge, give your porch a new pop of color by repainting the decking or staining the concrete. The very best thing about paint is that it can be easily changed—so why not go for something bold?

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