#HOMEHacks | Get Your Home Organized in 2021

Welcome 2021, let us start the New Year by taking over our homes and getting organized. Some of you are artists at organization, while others of us are just well, we need a little schooling. No matter what type of homeowner you are large or small we can always use a few tips on organization.

In the past several years home organizing has become popular. Even before, we were all spending most our time in our homes, home organization is in the spotlight. It seems as if every week there is a new television show about decluttering or showing us how to organize every room in your house in minutes. There are DIY TV series that inspire us to create more space to how to keep every room neat and tidy 24/7. There are magazines and social media sites and feature local professional organizations that you can hire to help you organize or do it for you. With various options we should all be organizational artists, but the question is… where do you start?

The experts say to begin in one of the most public rooms of your home, the kitchen, bathroom, or family room. Others of you may just want to pick the room that you feel needs it the most!

It is challenging to keep our homes “clutter-free” simply due to our daily obligations. The following tips and tricks are simple ideas to help keep your home a peaceful place to live.

If you have the extra cash to spend, there are endless storage products for sale at your local hardware stores, online and at any big box stores. Hooks, bins, boxes, crates, easy hang shelves, rolling carts, these are all simple ways to store and hide clutter. There are so many choices for smart and stylish storage bins.

Someone once said, “corral and conceal.” Positioning storage bins by the entryways of your home help so that family can put their belongings in the appropriate place and not on the floor!

Declutter your closets. Many follow the rule “if it has not been worn in one year, donate it.” Pitch those shoes that hurt your feet, throw away clothes with stains, give your neighbor cat the sweaters with fuzz balls. Trust that you will feel better the next time you want to purchase that new top. And you will have the perfect spot to hang it!

The same goes for your kitchen. Get rid of expired food, donate those cans and boxes of food that have not been eaten. Box up those dishes that you never use, donate or pack them away for a later date.

Designate a single spot for items like keys, coats, and phones. This way you can find them easily.

Make a to do list on a piece of paper, app, or marker board. Get your family involved and hold them accountable. Also be aware of what other family members are doing and reward them (it does not have to be monetary, a simple thank you is appreciated).

Please remember, good is good enough. Do not worry about perfectionism. Knowing that your attempts at organizing are good enough. The toys will not always be on the floor, and the fingerprints will not always be on the windows. So enjoy your home filled with family, share the responsibility and rest assured you will be happy in your newly organized home.

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