Love it to sell it

winter homeWhen a potential buyer schedules a showing of your home in February, they most likely need to move or otherwise they would probably not be looking in winter. This simple fact has many experts noting February as an ideal month to sell your home, especially in cold-weather markets, where the limited market can mean extra attention to your listing.

The most expensive valentine is not necessarily the most touching. Likewise, many experts advise you to consider mini-renovations over major work prior to selling your home. Simple updates and enhancements can have a greater return when an offer is made, which may allow for improvements to be made in a few days rather than many weeks or even months. This makes the time to listing much shorter; yet, you can still see a return on the investment with minor improvements.

With a little TLC and a paintbrush in hand, you can have your home ready in less than a month and get the attention of serious homebuyer’s shopping over the winter season. Consider these mini renovations, apply a little love to show off your home’s best features, and utilize the economics of supply and demand to sell your home now.


Walk the circumference of your property, and consider your home with an objective eye. Some experts say the exterior first impression has a great impact on the interior opinion of your home. Check for chipped paint, sagging gutters, lost downspouts, or unnecessarily dirty siding. Caulk, paint, a ladder, and a pump sprayer may be all you need to spruce up your home’s exterior on a warmer day before you list.

Consider adorning your master entrance with a seasonal wreath in snowflake white or off-white pearl strands, after you have repainted the master door in a vibrant color to accent your home’s exterior. Some home improvement stores even offer a front door app that can allow you to experiment with master door colors before you commit. Finally, remember to leave the exterior lights on for drive-by home shoppers who may check it out before scheduling a visit.


Carry the comforts of the winter season inside by placing a warm throw blanket over the couch and a wicker basket of books nearby to create a warm and inviting scene. Of course, you will want to declutter and depersonalize each room so that potential buyers can visualize their lives within those rooms, and decluttering can also make the rooms appear bigger.

Be sure that your home is immaculately cleaned before each showing and open house, and use lighting to ward off winter’s reduced natural light, regardless of the time of day. Check that all lights are in working order and bulbs replaced so that your home is well-lit inside and out.

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