January By the Numbers

We are continuing the upward momentum with increases in pending sales and website statistics, but Lincoln is also at a critically low inventory of homes for sale. Buyers are out there looking for homes to buy like yours, so contact a HOME agent to take advantage of the sellers’ market and today’s low interest rates.

Here are the January numbers from all HOME Real Estate offices including Lincoln, Seward and Milford:

  • $16,030,209 Total Volume Sold (Down 9% from Jan. 2011)
  • 120 Total Sides Sold (Down 5% from Jan. 2011)
  • 212 Sides Placed Under Contract (Up 16% from Jan. 2011)
  • 495,516 Page Views on HomeRealEstate.com
  • 57,393 User Sessions on HomeRealEstate.com
  • 7,944 User Sessions from a Mobile Device
  • 66 New Saved Searches on HomeRealEstate.com
  • 1,630 New Saved Properties on HomeRealEstate.com
  • 218 New Customers/Clients on HomeRealEstate.com
  • 1,055 Daily Active Users on Facebook.com/HomeRealEstate
  • 74 Text Inquiries to HOME4U at 59559
  • 3.099 Guided Tour Views at HomeRealEstate.com
  • 164 Views at HomeRealEstateTV.com

View our monthly Market Snapshot here.

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