How to know you’re ready to sell your home

Sold HOMEAny number of reasons could get your wheels turning about putting your home on the market. A job, financial change, or simply outgrowing your current house are often driving factors. But a stockpile of moving boxes filled with big dreams is only one step in home selling preparedness. Before you program the moving company on speed dial, consider first if you’ve passed this “Ready to Sell” checklist.

A Strategic Game Plan

A good game plan is all about the numbers. Tell your Realtor about your selling price expectations and ask how they plan to price your home. Knowing how much equity to expect after your home sells is a must in moving forward. Think beyond your own “sold” sign and envision the “sold” sign in a new home that you can feel confident affording.

Check Your Emotions

To truly be ready to let go of your home, you have to do just that, let go. The living room where little feet took their first steps will always tug at your heartstrings, but if every corner of the home has ahold of those same strings, you’ll need to emotionally prepare yourself to accept an offer. Until your house is just “a property” instead of a “home,” not even an asking price, cash offer (with closing costs) will convince you to let go.

Prepare Your Home

Once you’ve made the decision to put your house on the market, those pesky emotions could take over again and push for that “For Sale” sign in the yard today, or preferably, yesterday. But don’t let your excitement rush buyers in the door before the home is ready. Clean, remove clutter, and upgrade that outdated hardware in the kitchen that has been an eyesore for years.

Better yet, get your house pre-inspected by a professional. Not only will you feel like your hard work paid off when you get the stamp of approval, but buyers will have an added sense of security knowing their potential dream home has been through a rigorous pre-inspection.

The Right Realtor

If everything on this list checks out and you’re ready to fill those boxes with more than dreams, then get the right Realtor on board with you for your real estate journey.
Financial guru Dave Ramsey nails it when he said “A qualified real estate agent will give you a clear picture of what it’s like to sell a home and if now is the right time for you, both financially and emotionally.”

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