HOME agents stick together, in all kinds of weather

umbrella protectionMany of you are being bombarded with roofing and siding company calls, knocks, and signs due to the recent storm damage. What would that mean if you were selling your home? Or if a home you’re purchasing had damage? One of the things about working with HOME is that we’ll always be here for you. In all kinds of weather, we’ll have your back.

As a part of our commitment to our agents and you, our clients, we believed that it was important to keep everyone informed. We wanted our agents to be able to provide the best service to our clients when it came to handling storm damage and so as not to put a closing at risk.  HOME Real Estate agents were the best prepared and educated after the storm – hands down!  Regardless of the side of the transaction our agents were on, they were educated in what to do or where to go to find out. Our HomeServices of Nebraska Insurance representative provided information immediately the evening of the storm, our general manager had a video e-mail in agents’ inboxes early the next morning, and our in-house legal counsel created an amazing blog post and reminded us about an addendum we could use to ease anxiety.

One of our agents shared that she had a house with a delayed closing due to damage, and the listing agent from an outside firm was confused as to why. Our agent, because she was knowledgeable and prepared, took it upon herself to walk the other agent through the process and ease her concerns as well as giving her pointers as to how she could keep her clients calm.

Whether seasoned real estate agents or ones who just received their real estate licenses, we do our best to provide a network of helpful information for our agents to succeed.

It’s cool to sell houses, but the best part is the people you share the journey with. We are happy to be on this journey together with you!

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