Haunted House Selling 101

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“The day we moved in to paint, every time I got up on the ladder the doorbell would ring. I’d get back down and find no one there. We suspected neighborhood kids playing a prank, so my mother stood at the window to watch. I climbed up the ladder, the doorbell rang [and] no one was there.  We laughed but realized my Dad was working on the electrical and was probably triggering it.  Over dinner we were recounting the day’s activities and told him the doorbell story.  The doorbell is not hard wired, it’s battery operated.”

It sounds like a story right out of the book A Guide to the Ghosts of Lincoln. It’s ok; we’ve all checked it out multiple times from the school library in elementary school. But while these stories are great entertainment on late nights this time of year, what if you’re trying to sell a house with some unexplained activity?

If you live in a house built before 1930, local psychic/medium Kelli Miller speaks from experience when she says these houses “tend to have the most activity.”  She’s often called in to try and make a haunted home more desirable: “I usually suggest saging/smudging the home. It’s a Native American tradition on how to bless or cleanse a home.”

HGTV also has some helpful hints when trying to sell a home with paranormal activity.

  1. Always talk to your Realtor. They know the laws regarding home disclosures and will also offer help hints to solve “haunted” issues that might really be faulty wiring or something similar.
  2. Are rumors running your buyers off? HGTV proposes lightheartedly discussing the rumors, talk openly about them, laugh about the stories; it will make potential buyers feel more at ease.
  3. Of course they also suggest calling in the experts, like Kelli Miller. Even if you aren’t convinced there’s anything paranormal happening in your home, buyers could appreciate knowing that someone in the ghostly field has given your home the all clear.

Interestingly enough, you might not be out of luck if your home has some seriously creepy happenings. According to a Realtor.com survey “62% of home buyers polled wouldn’t be deterred by things going bump in the night—and many even prefer it.” If nothing else, if could definitely draw some attention to your home, and hey, maybe even give it an edge in a competitive market.

If all else fails, try contacting Scott Colborn. He offers annual paid tours of hauntings around the Lincoln area.

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