Great food for hosting a Super Bowl watch party

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If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party, or in charge of bringing a dish to one, the only thing on your mind other than the Panthers or Broncos is food! Delicious food is the common denominator that pleases both football lovers and non-sports fan alike. Here are some ridiculously delicious recipes that will keep every kind of fan full and happy.

The Dip

The party doesn’t start until the dip arrives. Dip is famous for taking the world’s best foods and making them mobile enough to chew and cheer on a touchdown at the same time.

Spice up your party with a Chicken Enchilada Dip, from and their 36 Football Dip Recipes. What’s better than actually devouring a mouth-watering enchilada? Actually, nothing, just this dip:

7 layer dip

This BLT Dip takes the incredibly popular Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich and turns it into one huge party hit:


Skip the call (and the tip) to the pizza delivery guy and instead turn the pizza that everyone is craving into dip. The Food Network has all of your pizza desires covered:

Pizza Dip

The Main Dish

Because offering one type of pizza is never enough, here’s an excellent twist on a classic pizza, plus you get to use your waffle maker.

Pizza Waffles

For a main dish that keeps you out of the kitchen and in front of the t.v., turn your slow cooker into the hero and serve up some Slow Cooker Shredded Buffalo Chicken. You get the flavor of wings all packed into an easy to eat sandwich, and if you let guests create their own you won’t miss any of the game (or commercials.)

Buffalo Chicken

It may still be cold outside, but everyone will be warm and cozy with this universal comfort food. Chili is not only a crowd pleaser, but puts your slow cooker to work again. Remember, less effort=more game time.


Some of us need to rely on “foolproof” recipes, and these Gingered Sweet and Spice Hot Wings claim to be just that. A Super Bowl party without hot wings would be no party at all.

Gingered Sweet Spicy Wings

The Dessert

No matter how good your food is, everyone is still going to get a sweet tooth at halftime. Consider Bon Appetit’s exquisite gallery of 33 Super Bowl Desserts. You can start with this Iron Skillet Peach Crisp:

Peach Crisp

Or you can wow everyone with these almost too-cute-to-eat Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs.

Strawberry Footballs

Lastly, the gender reveal trend may be getting a little boring, but these Super Bowl “reveal” cupcakes are anything but.

But regardless of whether your team rises to Super Bowl victory, your guests’ satisfied appetites will unanimously declare you the winner.

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