image So you forgot it was May Day……

Forget it was May Day? Check our these great local ideas.

I’ll have to admit, until I moved to Nebraska, I had never heard the term “May Day”, let alone celebrated it.  Fast forward to the afternoon of May 1st, 2012.  I had just gotten home from work and start getting a knock on our door.  We were newly moved in to our house and didn’t know our neighbors well at all, but that didn’t stop them from bringing treats and homemade trinkets by to celebrate this apparent holiday they were calling “May Day”. What started as an oddity to this transplanted Alabamian, soon became one of my favorite days of the year. If you’re interested in the history of May Day, feel free to check it out here, although I much prefer my definition:

May Day is what I have deemed a “Just Because Day”. A time to celebrate neighbors and friends. A time to embrace the similarities and differences that join us together. And a time to forget how many calories are in a brownie.


If you find yourself in need of some quick ideas. Here are a few easy and quick “May Day” gift ideas:

  1. Colby Ridge Popcorn has pre-made bags of spring colored and regular popcorn or you can just purchase a large sized bag and package it yourself. (Large bags go for $13.99 on their website)
  2. You can never go wrong with Eileen’s Cookies. Call ahead or stop in one of their several Nebraska locations for a May Day save.
  3. If you don’t have time to run to the store, but have a printer at home… here are some FREE printable May Day poems:
  4. If you have time to run by the local hardware store, these May Day flower mason jars are adorable. Instructions and free printable tags can be found here.
  5. Have extra solo cups around the house? All you need is construction paper and lollipops for this adorable idea.
  6. If you have extra time and extra creativity, these May Day cupcakes are yummy, cute and a fun activity you can enjoy with the family.


I hope you embrace today and have an extra slice of cake. Happy May Day folks!

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