Easy ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids

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What beats a pricey and overcrowded night out on Valentine’s Day? The kids, of course, so if your Valentine’s dates aren’t even old enough to drive you out to eat, here are some easy and crafty ways you can still show your love.

Make it Easy

A night in with the kids doesn’t require dressing up. In fact, it almost demands pajamas. If your kids haven’t yet learned the art of the eye roll, pick up a few pairs of heart-themed matching jammies, and your wardrobe is done. And the best dinner in your pajamas is breakfast—so squeeze a few drops of red food coloring into the pancake batter, throw in a DVD, and you’ve officially had your best (and easiest) Valentine’s Day ever.

The Food

If you’d like to put a little more effort into setting the Valentine’s mood, then the Mommyhood Made Simple blog is the spot for ideas. It features “14 Days of Valentine Fun” full of craft ideas, and of course, all the love-themed food we could ask for. You could start with this Candied Jello Popcorn recipe, quite possibly as cute as it is tasty.

candied popcorn

You can also browse through the themed “Dinner and a Movie” ideas, and if you happen to find your family’s favorite movie, even better. Pick a movie, plan the dinner, and the rest is just memory making:

Kung Fu Panda Meal


Let the kids’ creativity run wild as they create their own handmade Valentines and gifts for each other. You can join in the gift-giving fun too, and it can totally be easy on your wallet. Real Simple has, as always, some really simple gift ideas for the kids, like these Valentine’s emoji stickers that will please practically every age group.

emoji stickers

Get Crafty

But before all of the cuddling and movie watching, you can never go wrong with game night. And the best thing about game night? Zero planning. But since it is Valentine’s Day, if you feel like the extra effort, Parenting.com has a list of great crafts you can do together. We especially adore this paper heart wreath:

paper heart wreath



And finally, while you’re snuggled close to those chubby cheeks and tiny toes, don’t forget to congratulate yourself on a successful Valentine’s Day. After all, there are plenty of couples still starving and waiting in line at their favorite restaurant.

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