#HOMEHacks | Easy Home Upgrades for 2020

Easy Home Upgrades for 2020

If the holidays took a bite out of your bank account, but you’re looking around your home and eager to make some upgrades, consider a compromise! With some strategic updates, you can get bang for your buck that will still make quite an impact.

Here are a few ideas that will freshen up your space, which is great whether you plan to make it home for years to come or want to appeal to potential buyers.

Repaint cabinets:

If your kitchen has seen better days, a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets can go a long way toward modernizing the space. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as simple as grabbing a paint roller and getting started. That said, it’s more time-consuming than skill-requiring to take on the task of priming, painting and finishing the job yourself. If you are up for the challenge—go for it! Otherwise, it’s a fairly budget friendly project to outsource. While you’re at it, you can also take another look at bathroom cabinets, which can benefit from the same treatment.

Replace lights throughout the house:

Old lights can hamper a space both by being, well, outdated and by offering dreary lighting. By swapping out overhead light fixtures for newer options that are designed to appropriately light a space and upgrading to LED bulbs, you’ll be amazed by the difference.

Change out knobs:

If those same cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom have pulls or knobs that are stuck in another decade, there is no excuse not to upgrade! Absolutely no technical skill is required and the expense is minimal. Great options are available at local hardware stores, or you can take the customization to another level by checking out more unique knobs at a store like Hobby Lobby. (Wait until they go on sale for a real bargain!)

Swap bathroom mirrors:

The large, commercial mirrors commonly installed in bathrooms are fine, really. But are they great? Not for much else than casting a very big reflection. Instead, you can make the mirrors in your bathrooms a real statement piece by swapping them out for smaller mirrors with beautiful frames.

Switch up wall colors:

This is a classic way to update your house for a reason: it works! In just one day, you are completely capable of repainting a wall in a fresh, statement color. Or you can push the design element even further by adding some wallpaper. Now readily available in removable options, taking down the wallpaper later doesn’t have to be a huge headache either.

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