Door Colors

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Want to consider an expert in DIY home improvement? Look no further than the DIY Network. Their range of expertise is invaluable, especially today when we’re giving you a bright array of front door color options. Here are some of their color tips:

 Burst of Sunshine. You just can’t sustain a bad mood in the presence of a bright yellow door.

 Stately Red. “The strong ocean blue and bright red hold their own against the color of exterior stone.”

First and foremost, consult your HOA guidelines. Some may mandate stipulations like “earth tones” or other specifications. But when you’re ready to take the color plunge, here are some excellent examples to get your colors wheels turning. Let these tips, along with your own creativity, be your guide!

Nebraska in all its native beauty can still benefit from a touch of the sea. We adore this seafoam option, topped off with subtle sea creature accents. It’s like a summer vacation all year long.


And then *dramatic pause” there is yellow. The color of the sun, bright personalities, and just the joy of light. Know that this color in any shade won’t work with every home’s color scheme (or your personality.) But when yellow works, it works. This pop of color just screams happy and “welcome to our home.”


Second to a white picket fence, a red door has to be one of homeowner’s biggest bucket list dreams. It’s American, it’s classic, and it’s just so darn beautiful. Further, there are so many shades-almost too many to choose from! Don’t be turned off by the cliché reputation, red is always in. Just take a look at this fine example from Home Depot (which happens to include a tutorial to make it happen)!


Looking for just a little more help in making your decision? Angie’s List offers up this list of tactful hints for whether you’re trying to sell your current home, or simply just enjoy it more.

Let your door color INVITE buyers into your home.

Look around the neighborhood, what collaborates well?

Coordinate with your exterior colors.

Think about the style of your home –then match it with color!

And of course, some of the best decorating advice for sellers: do not go overboard.

Your front door is one of the first things you see pulling into the driveway at the end of the day. It should soothe, invite, and inspire you. If beige is your thing, then rock it! But don’t forget that there is a whole palette of colors out there at your disposal.


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