Creating Pet Friendly Homes


Our pets, fluffy and furry or full of scales, are just as much a part of our family as everyone else. So of course you want to make sure your home accommodates them. You also want to make sure you organize your house in a way that the constant pet cleanup isn’t quite so daunting. Here are some ways to make your home your pets home; cohabiting at its finest.

Mudrooms are a great starting point to keeping filthy paws off your favorite floors. If you can add a utility sink in yours, even better. But not all of us have this coveted room. Instead, consider a pet designated space in the garage where cleanup can occur (and stash some old towels nearby). If your furry loved ones commonly enter through the deck or back door, the same principle applies. Always have rags for wiping paws handy, and you can eliminate the pet food crumbs by keeping food and water bowls out on the deck or patio (an easily installed pet door can aid in this.) A cozy dog bed or old pillow makes it extra homey for your pet, and in the summer months consider adding a kiddy pool for cooling off, particularly if you’ll be gone for quite a bit during the day, and the pet door lets them enjoy the outdoors and the indoor air conditioning as they please.

As much as we love our pets, the dandruff and frequent shedding aren’t as desirable. For furniture, utilize those magical lent rollers. And if your budget can hack it, a robotic vacuum that cycles through your rooms periodically can save you plenty of headaches.

If you’re currently house hunting, keep your pet in mind. An older animal might not appreciate climbing stairs all day long, and a fenced backyard with plenty of shade is the perfect refuge on a hot day. Check fences for possible escape routes, and a DIY dog house will give your pet a loving space of its own.

Lastly, maybe your pets aren’t the furry type. A sunroom makes the perfect habitat for reptiles or even birds. They offer plenty of sunshine, and are often one of the most used rooms in a home—giving those pets plenty of company. Some reptiles, like turtles, can enjoy a summer stay-cation outdoors, so do some research on your particular species and build a sturdy (and predator resistant) home for a nice outdoor summer stay.

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