Clean and Cool Summer Series – featuring DuctMedic

DuctMedic Makes Staying Clean and Cool a Breeze this Summer

     Our first vendor in the Clean and Cool Summer Series, features DuctMedic. It seemed fitting since one of the keys to an enjoyable summer is clean and cool air, DuctMedic’s specialty. Using an 82-step process, handling all aspects of clean air (including dryer vents), using an intriguingly tech-savvy duct sealant, and providing services for over 10 years has made DuctMedic a distinguished leader in the air quality business of Nebraska.

    It’s no surprise that after 10 years of quality service to Lincoln and its neighbors, that HomeAdvisor named them “Best of 2016”. HomeAdvisor also labeled them “Top Rated” and listed DuctMedic as an Elite Service. Aside from being a fave on HomeAdvisor, they are also proud members of the Indoor Air Quality Association, National Air Duct Cleaners Association, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

     Part of what makes DuctMedic so impressive is the in-house creation of their 82-step ScrubMax™ Complete Rejuvenation Cleaning Process. Part of that 82-step process is Aeroseal Duct Sealing. Air Quality Techs use the sealant in a high-tech, six step process to seal ducts from the inside out. The Aeroseal technology ensures that the rooms in your home will have even temperatures, cleaner air, and fewer odors. The cherry on top of the pie? Aeroseal has been proven to save energy and lower utility bills – music to a homeowner’s ears.

     In addition to Duct Medic helping homeowners and commercial businesses maintain their air ducts while saving money, catching well-deserved titles on HomeAdvisor, and getting accredited by the BBB, they also clean dryer vents. Despite the most avid cleaning of your notorious “sock-eater”, dryer vents are known to cause house fires. Just hearing the words “house fire” is, understandably, fear inducing for many homeowners. Did you know that even if there’s no fire, there could be noxious fumes pouring out of your dryer vent? These fumes, some unnoticeable, can cause serious health issues for family members, including your fur babies. With professional maintenance provided by DuctMedic, avoiding fire and fumes from clogged dryer vents is simple.

     Making sure your ducts and dryer vents are “DuctMedic clean” is easy and affordable. Contact them today to set up an appointment for a free indoor air quality inspection by one of their skilled technicians. Don’t forget to let them know you read about them on our blog and ask about their specials for the Lincoln, Nebraska area.

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