#HOMEHacks | Keep Your Property Looking Nice in Autumn

How To Keep Your Property Looking NiceIt’s ironic, isn’t it? During fall, leaves look amazing when they are on trees—but become eyesores when they drop to the ground. For homeowners, this can feel like a losing battle as trees shed a seemingly endless supply of leaves for the raking. But you can still be triumphant in the quest for good curb appeal during autumn with a little bit of strategy.

For starters, come up with a game plan for growing piles of leaves. And, no, waiting until the wind blows them into your neighbor’s yard doesn’t work. There will just be more leaves blowing your way! Instead, stock up on sturdy landscaping garbage bags and a good rake. Not only does this save you some of the back-breaking effort, but it’s also best to reduce the amount of time leaves spend on top of grass if you’re hoping to avoid brown spots next spring.

Even as the leaves fall, new things can grow during autumn: Leading up to the average first frost date in Lincoln during the middle of October, hardy blooms like mums, goldenrod and heather add vibrant touches to your garden. Before the ground freezes too hard, you can also take this opportunity to add some shrubs that can establish their roots before temperatures dip too low.

Wanting a more permanent source of color? Take another look at your front door. Simply painting it another hue can have a dramatic effect on your home’s overall look. The most ambitious among us can even consider repainting shutters.

After all of that hard work, make sure it can be appreciated during shorter days by adding some new lights to your walkway or entrance area. This is both practical and an opportunity to inject some style into your curb appeal—just in time for holiday visitors to “ooh” and “ahh.”

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