A perfect Valentine’s date at home

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couple-dinner-webWondering how to impress your date for Valentine’s Day without too much effort? Ok, there is a little effort involved. It is, after all, Valentine’s Day. But if turning your home into a refuge of relaxation sounds better than fighting the crowded restaurants on this romantic day, then we have you covered.

A clean home is the first and perhaps most essential step. You can’t relax in a messy space. So start early with cleaning schedule that will have you cleaning a little bit each day until you’ve reached a spotless nirvana. Or choose a phone app to keep you on track for the big day. You can also use your cleaning efforts as exchange for buying the right gift, always a bonus.

If you’re comfortable in the kitchen, pick your favorite recipe and go for it.  You can even avoid the grocery store by ordering online at HyVee. You can choose to pick up your groceries at their convenient drive-thru, or pay a little extra to get your goods delivered right to your door.

Cooking definitely isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok. Call ahead to your favorite restaurant and get an order to-go. Even better, pick a restaurant with curbside pick-up, because why get out of the car when you don’t have to? There are plenty to choose from, including The Parthenon, Applebee’s, Olive Garden, or Outback Steakhouse, but a simple Google search will bring up many more. Try something new with the Doorstep Diner pick from their mouth-watering menu, open the door when they knock, and enjoy your stress-free meal.

There is also no shame in a home-cooked meal … cooked by someone else. Professionals like the chef at ChefauChef in Lincoln can be hired to bring their skills straight to your kitchen.  Personal chefs can cook exactly what you tell them, or listen to your likes and dislikes to cook a beautiful meal that’s sure to please your palette.

You can’t say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day without dessert. Luckily, the best dessert on Valentine’s Day (read: anything with chocolate) is incredibly simple to make. Dip some strawberries in melted chocolate, dust with powdered sugar, and enjoy. For less effort, stop by Edible Arrangements or order online. Other companies, like The Warm Cookie, deliver, yes—warm cookies—directly to you.

Post-dessert is the best time to throw on your sweatpants. That is, of course, if you weren’t already wearing them. Cue the Netflix, and you’ve completed your perfect Valentine’s Day at home.

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