A Lasting Impact | Larry Melichar Retires

The sweltering 90-degree weather continued as the calendar turned to September in 1976. As if the heat wasn’t enough to make a young man sweat, a young Larry Melichar was about to start down a new career path. Who would’ve known where this path was about to take him.

On September 1, 1976, Larry Melichar started his storied career with HOME Real Estate. A career that forged a bond between a man, his hometown, and the lives of those who worked with him over the next 42 years. A career concluded with a celebration of Melichar’s personality, leadership and impact.

Many words may be used to deLarry Melichar speaking at his retirement partyscribe Larry, that is what happens when you spend over four decades forming connections and camaraderie. However, if one was to narrow down the expansive list, a few key takeaways would be Larry’s lightheartedness and charisma. A display of his lightheartedness was apparent as the retirement speeches prepared to honor Larry turned into a jovial “roast session” that had the party abound with laughter.

Laughter has often surrounded Larry with his charismatic personality. “Larry has a real gift of bringing people together,” told Dan Mlarnik, a current HOME Real Estate manager. Pat Mooberry, a long-time friend, colleague and fellow upper-management retiree, shared that Larry is “a person beloved by the agents and employees”.

Picture from the retirement party for Larry MelicharMelichar led these agents and employees through decades of success, building HOME Real Estate into the leading real estate company in Lincoln. “Larry has been a great leader at HOME Real Estate and a mentor and friend to so many,” Dan Mlnarik expressed. His mentorship and friendship with many colleagues led to them remaining with HOME Real Estate and rising into leadership roles over the years.  “He was on the cutting edge of changes in the industry and helped so many with their careers. He was a leader that everybody wanted to follow,” Mr. Mooberry stated about Melichar.

Larry’s leadership helped HOME Real Estate go from one of the smallest to the largest real estate companies in Lincoln. Yet through the success Larry has remained humble. “First of all, this company wasn’t built from the smallest to the largest by me only. There were many people involved. I happened to be one of many that were involved in getting the company to where it is” Melichar attested.

Larry Melichar will forever be an integral part of HOME Real Estate’s story. Mlnarik shared that “his impact at HOME Real Estate and the greater real estate community is something that will remain for a long time.”


  1. Larry, I remember the day you started your new career and I will always consider you as a friend. Boy, do I have some fond memories of our times together and some real stories to tell.

    I’m happy for you and you certainly deserve all these accolades.

    Enjoy retirement and the best to you.

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