#HOMEHacks | 9 Family-Friendly Projects To Freshen Up Your Home

As a parent, it can often feel like a choice between checking tasks off the to-do list and spending quality time with your family. But the two experiences do not have to be mutually exclusive! Here are some family-friendly DIY projects with a role for every member of the family.

Change out kitchen knobs

Swap the commercial-style drawer knobs in your kitchen or bathroom for more custom options. All it takes to get involved on this project is the ability to twist on or off a bolt!

Add peel-and-stick wallpaper

The low-commitment cousin to messy traditional wallpaper, peel-and-stick wallpaper is great for creating a small accent wall. Put your kids in charge of smoothing out any bubbles!

Paint a room

Tackle this project with kids around at your own discretion—but also consider giving them the benefit of the doubt. (Especially if you’ve thoroughly covered the floor with drop cloths.)

Plant some flowers

Even as temperatures start to cool off, gardening season has some life left in it. Get a head start on next year’s garden by planting some perennial plants with your little helpers.

Change out light fixtures

How many family members does it take to change a light bulb? Probably no more than one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t involve some little assistants to carefully hold the old fixture or hand you a new bulb.

Hang some pictures

By giving your child a little bit of choice when it comes to the decor of your home, they will learn to feel even more pride in the place they live. Start by asking for their advice on where to hang a new picture.

Do some ‘fall cleaning’ together

Because this one deserves to be more than an annual event, create a fall cleaning date in your home to declutter the garage, basement or family room. It’s not too late for a garage sale, either!

Make some porch decor

As we head into a new season, you can get the kids involved in boosting your home’s curb appeal by DIY-ing a porch craft, such as a new planter box or fall-themed display.

Make a chalkboard wall

Perfect for a small kitchen wall, using chalkboard paint is a great way to make an accent wall that also serves the purpose of a family calendar or shopping list.

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