#HOMEHacks | 8 Affordable Home Upgrades to Tackle on Your Own

As we continue to spend time closer to home this summer than in many years past, some household to-dos that were easy enough to overlook may now be pressing on you even more intensely. If you’re feeling eager to spruce up your house on your own time and with your own set of hands, you’re in luck: There are many options for upgrading your home no matter your handiwork skill level.
While you take a look around your house, here are a few DIY projects to consider that have the power to improve the look of your home now—and it’s value down the line.

1. Replace kitchen hardware:

For just a few dollars per knob or drawer pull, you can revitalize your kitchen cabinetry with some fresh hardware. Better yet? The only skill you really need is the ability to turn a screwdriver.

2. Update light fixtures:

If the only love your light fixtures have received in the past few decades is new light bulbs every so often, it might be time to switch them out. There is a slight learning curve to managing the wires—but it’s likely not as intimidating as you’ve made yourself believe. You may even be surprised to see how much lighter your rooms will become with new fixtures!

3. Add a “smart” doorbell:

Especially after getting comfortable with changing light fixtures, a simple next step is to upgrade your doorbell with a “smart” option like the Ring video doorbell, which allows you to see whoever rings the bell from your phone or other systems.

4. Build a fire pit:

As you spend time enjoying your yard this summer, extend the entertainment options through the evening with a fire pit. (Can you say “s’mores”?!) Although there are some great options ready to buy, making a designated area is worth the effort—especially as Zillow shows the premium on homes with fire pits is 2.8%.

5. Switch out faucets:

Just like changing out the hardware on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, updating the faucets can make a significant difference in the feel of the space.

6. Use peel-and-stick wallpaper:

If you still haven’t recovered from tearing down wallpaper in a house, here’s an option to bring you some peace of mind: As the name suggests, peel and stick wallpaper is easy to put up and even easier to take down. It is perfect for a new accent wall.

7. Create a faux built-in:

If your handiwork confidence is building, consider testing your woodworking skills by creating a faux built-in, such as a breakfast nook bench or an office bookcase.

8. Repaint bathroom cabinets:

Although repainting cabinets is a dramatic way to update a space on a small budget, it does require some effort. Consider easing into it with your bathroom rather than the kitchen.

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