#HOMEHacks | 6 Creative Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

Six Creative Holiday Decoration Ideas

It may be the most wonderful time of the year—but if the same ol’, same ol’ decorations aren’t giving you that magic feeling anymore, it might be time to change things up. The good news is that there is no need to bust the budget, especially since gifts and charitable donations tend to do a good job of that on their own. Instead, a dash of creativity and a touch of DIY can help you rediscover the cheery feeling that holiday decorations should inspire.

1. Wrap up your front door like a present:

There really is no gift quite like a warm, welcoming home during the holidays, right? You can really help make this point by dressing up your front door like an oversized present. With wintery conditions a very strong possibility, you might want to swap the wrapping paper for a large, disposable tablecloth that can be fitted around the door. Then add a great, big bow and you’re set!

2. Turn presents under the tree into decor:

If you anticipate that presents will be stacking up beneath the tree soon enough, stock up on plain red, green and white wrapping paper. Then, assemble the gifts in stacks of three and add on faces for a snowman, Santa Claus and Grinch. (A Google search and printer will help here!)

3. Add something sweet to your walkway:

If it doesn’t seem like the holidays without something sweet, add some simple DIY lollipops to your walkway by decorating large paper plates to look like candies, fastening them to wooden stakes, wrapping cellophane around the plates and tying it up with a big bow. For bonus points, you can wrap white lights around the stakes to illuminate your sidewalk at night.

4. Show off your “JOY”:

You can easily drop some good money at the store on wooden decor—or you could have more fun and save money by creating your own. Pick up a 4-foot long plank, wood glue and paint from the hardware store. Next, swing by the craft store for large J, O and Y wooden letters. Then paint the letters in one color, paint the plank in another and use the glue to spell out “JOY.”

5. Make a shooting star with lights:

Handy folks can rival Clark Griswald’s light display by crafting a large star out of yardsticks, wrapping it with white lights, hanging it in a tree and then streaming more white lights to another tree to look like the tail of a comet. It takes a bit more effort, by the awe factor is worth it!

6. Repurpose tomato cages for trees:

With summer quickly turning into a distant memory, you can find a new use for those tomato cages taking up space in your garage by wrapping them with garlands and adding lights for miniature trees. These look great in the yard, on the front porch or even inside.

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