5 Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations

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5 tips for storing Christmas decorationsThere’s nothing quite as whimsical as the moment you unpack all the Christmas decorations and don your home in tinsel, Santa Claus, and nativity scenes. Now if only packing up those decorations could be just as magical, right? Believe it or not, storing and organizing holiday decorations can be quick and simple, and by taking the time now to store them properly, decorating for Christmas next year will be even more enjoyable. Try some of these easy tricks:

Wrapping paper

Nothing’s more of an eyesore than a crumpled, wrinkled roll of wrapping paper. You can invest in those pricey bins that promise to store them securely all year long, or you can DIY it. All you need is an empty toilet paper roll cut the long way. Why? Because you can wrap it around a roll of wrapping paper to stop it from unrolling.  Toss them under your bed or in the back of a closet until it’s time to wrap again.

Light strands

Untangling Christmas lights is never an example of yule tide cheer. Fortunately, you can DIY a solution to this problem too. An empty paper towel roll serves as a great way to store lights, just neatly wrap them around until you’re ready for them next season. We also love this plastic hanger method. It’s simple, fast, and something we all have hanging around the house.

Wrap Christmas lights around a plastic coat hanger to keep them from tangling.


There’s no shortage of products you can buy to store tree ornaments, but there might not be much left in your holiday budget for them. Your wallet can probably handle purchasing a few hanging shoe organizers, however. Use them to keep your ornaments safe and tidy in a closest. You can also use the organizer to store gift tags, stockings, bows and ribbons and small gift bags!

Artificial Trees

A good artificial tree can last for years, and as pricey as they are, you want to get all the use out of it that you can. So, take care when storing this Christmas staple. A good rule of thumb is try to store the tree on the same level of the house that you use it; avoid dragging it up or down stairs, and “shoving” it into an attic or crawl space can shorten its life span. Wrap it with saran wrap to keep dust off and try storing it in a corner of the garage, roomy closet, or guest bedroom.

Utilize Totes

For the rest of your decorations save the original boxes and look for deals on plastic totes after the Christmas season. But don’t stop there, installing overhead storage in a garage will make you feel as organized as Martha Stewart, and you literally won’t have to think about those lovely decorations until next year—except for the sense of satisfaction you feel every time you pull into the garage and see those neatly hanging totes.


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