#HOMEHacks | 5 Ways To Improve Your Home Office

Suddenly working from home? Easy ways to improve your office

5 Home Office Tips

Before any of us ever heard the word “coronavirus,” your home office may have been an oft-neglected corner of the house that seems to collect paperwork and dust. Then, almost overnight, our homes became our office places—and those dusty desks needed to shape up.

With remote work likely to be more commonplace even after this crisis passes, it’s a good opportunity to give your home office space a mini makeover to improve functionality and inspire quality work. Here are a few simple ways to get started…

Don’t neglect the mess

Working in a cluttered area isn’t only faux pas for video calls, but can also be subconsciously distracting when you are trying to get into the zone for work. If you don’t have a dedicated home office space and are resorting to working in the living room or at the kitchen table, start by taking 10 minutes each morning to clean up before honing in on your work.

Let the light shine in

Always wanted a corner office with a view? Now is your chance! Consider rearranging your desk to take in more natural light through a window or—if not possible—invest in a good lamp.

Make yourself comfortable

Sitting in an uncomfortable dining chair for eight hours of the day doesn’t exactly lend itself to you doing your best, most focused work. Although it may not be possible to test out different office chairs right now, online reviews can help you make an educated guess on a chair that will work for you.

Add something eye-catching

Experts recommend taking regular breaks from staring at your computer to focus on something else with your eyes. How about supporting a local artist by purchasing a new piece? Or finally printing off some family pictures? Add in some faux greenery, a new rug and some fresh office supplies for an instant decor upgrade.

Keep the essential supplies close by

If you’ve made it this far as a one-stapler family, it might be time to invest in another unless you want to keep tracking it down each time you need to staple some papers. The same goes for a good printer, highlighters, permanent markers, your favorite pens and so on. The less time you spend looking for these supplies when you need them, the sooner you can log off for the day!


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