3 New Lincoln Restaurants to Try in 2019

A fresh start and a clean slate are great reasons to try out new eateries around Lincoln. There are a lot of new businesses opening up. These are three restaurants we’re excited to have join the city in 2019. If your busy schedule doesn’t let you make your own meals, grab a bite at of these new locations.

Bagels and Joe

An assortment of bagels with cream cheese

Bagels and Joe joins our sister site at their brand-new office building for HomeServices Nebraska. With a full menu for breakfast and lunch, there’s something tasty to get you through the day. Bagels aren’t just their specialty, either. They have an extensive selection from their patisserie, from croissants to muffins and cookies. In a rush? No worries, they have a drive-thru at 7811 Pioneer Street and open at 6 AM.

Fresh Healthy Café

A fruit power bowl

Keep your New Years Resolution by making healthier choices when you eat at . On their website, they tout their fresh ingredients and wholesome foods. Their menu features a wide variety of nutritious dishes like power and protein bowls, interesting twists on classic salads, and super smoothies. Check out the Lincoln location on 144 North 13th Street.

Agave Mexican Grill

Authentic street tacos

After a fire destroyed the well-loved La Mexicana, owner Abram Morales decided to replace the community favorite with a new restaurant. His new restaurant will be called Agave Mexican Grill and will open in the old location of La Mexicana. The restaurant will be in a multi-use building and will have another restaurant join it in the space at a later date. You can find the Agave Mexican Grill at 1635 P Street.

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