Winter home improvements to refresh the soul

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Nothing is quite as refreshing as a good, sparkling spring cleaning. Except–winter cleaning. A simple winter sprucing up of your home will do wonders for refreshing your soul during these dark, frigid months. But you don’t have to break the bank, your back, or your sanity, to add a few fun touches that will keep your spirits up until those first flowers sprout up next spring.

  1. A Fireplace: There are countless ideas (and easy ones to boot!) that will leave you wanting to cozy up around the fire with a warm drink (hot toddy, anyone?) A few candles, placed rustically on a few gorgeous cuts of wood, and your fireplace will welcome the whole family to gather around.Candle fireplace
  2. Don’t leave your mantle lonely. And why choose one favorite photo to highlight this beautiful decorating opportunity? Pick a few photos, add some eclectic artwork, and display them creatively. The best part is you can switch out photos and art throughout the year, and kids get a kick out of helping pick (or even create!).
    Photo Mantle
  3. A new area rug can go a long way with adding some aesthetic appeal and covering up some of those eyesore stains. If you have wood floors, prevent new scratches on those gorgeous grains and add a lively pattern or festive color.
  4. The next best thing to throwing open the windows to cheer up those lonely winter walls is a simple furniture rearrangement. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or back breaking, but try switching just a few pieces around. Have some fun with Feng Shui. Why not? It’s fun, easy, and best of all, totally free.
  5. Two words: Throw pillows. Colorful, round, chevron; the possibilities are endless. Toss them on a boring bedspread, add them to a bench, or make your sofa extra inviting with the fluff of a great pillow.
  6. Every winter home needs one thing to instantly brighten the mood: something green! This tutorial brings enticing green plants into your home and uses up some of those extra wine glasses. (Netflix only requires one wine glass anyway, right?) Tap into your creative energy and place these on a coffee table, nightstand, or kitchen island.Plant Stand
  7. Of course, if you just can’t get enough of Jack Frost and the shivering he brings, use some window frost to create your own icy masterpieces. It’s inexpensive, fun for everyone, and washes easily when you’re ready for spring to make its entrance.

Window frost

Most importantly, tiny changes go a long way in when it comes to cheering up your winter decor. These cold months can seem endless, but with these subtle changes a little effort and creativity can be just enough to light your way into the newness of springtime and warmth. Shine forth, DIY decorators!

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